Malone’s CNC Machining Inc. is a manufacturer of military aircraft parts and assemblies. As the company name indicates, Malone’s roots are firmly based in CNC machining with capabilities extending into a vast variety of aircraft parts and assemblies manufactured from various materials that utilize numerous manufacturing processes. This versatility allows Malone’s CNC Machining to maintain the highest volume of active government contracts in the state of Oklahoma.


Whether it requires manual milling and turning or high-speed vertical or horizontal 5-axis simultaneous CNC machining, Malone’s has the equipment and experience to be competitive in today’s low to high quantity aircraft spares market.


No matter how busy the shop gets we continually pull employees from production and into teams to focus on solving problems and making incremental process changes. Today Malone’s is very different than it once was with a heavy focus on lean manufacturing and implemented programs such as 5S and Six Sigma.