Manufacturing aircraft sheet metal spares requires the ability to combine old and new manufacturing methods and technologies.  For example, older aircraft were designed and manufactured using full-scale, partially un-dimensioned Mylars. Today we use old and new processes such as dynamic water jet, press breaks and hydraulic presses.


Many part contours are manufactured to loft line drawings. Malone’s utilizes a high accuracy, magnified digital process to convert full-scale drawings into a digital format that is used to reproduce the component as a 3D model. This capability allows our engineering department to pre-assemble and mate components in a 3D environment, transfer all required fastener holes, then extract all the components with the additional fastener holes in the proper locations. This virtual assembly process eliminates the need for elaborate and costly assembly fixtures and drill jigs.  Malone’s utilizes this proven process to manufacture everything from a simple sheet metal bracket to a complex, formed, multi-component assemblies.


By going lean manufacturing time is reduced thus the same shop floor can produce more without adding people, machines, or real estate allowing Malone’s to take on more jobs.